Ringlock Scaffolding

ringlock scaffolding

Ringlock Scaffolding  is one of the most popular and widely used scaffold system. Ring lock scaffold suit for all forms of access and support structures in the building and construction industries, ship building, off-shore construction as well as industrial maintenance.


Item #DescriptionUnit WeightSurface
RSS050Ringlock Vertical 1' 7" 3.32HDG
RSS100Ringlock Vertical 3' 3" 5.66HDG
RSS150Ringlock Vertical 4' 11"7.89HDG
RSS200Ringlock Vertical 6' 6" 10.35HDG
RSS250Ringlock Vertical 8' 2"12.65HDG
RSS300Ringlock Vertical 9' 10" 15.03HDG
RSL063Ringlock Horizontal 2' 2.73HDG
RSL065Ringlock Horizontal 2'2" 3.12HDG
RSL091Ringlock Horizontal 3' 4.12HDG
RSL106Ringlock Horizontal 3'64.68HDG
RSL115Ringlock Horizontal 3'10"4.9HDG
RSL121Ringlock Horizontal 4' 5.26HDG
RSL152Ringlock Horizontal 5' 6.41HDG
RSL157Ringlock Horizontal 5'2" 6.36HDG
RSL182Ringlock Horizontal 6'7.56HDG
RSL213Ringlock Horizontal 7'8.7HDG
RSL243Ringlock Horizontal 8' 9.85HDG
RSL274Ringlock Horizontal 9' 11.6HDG
RSL305Ringlock Horizontal 10' 12.17HDG
RSBB106Ringlock Bay Brace 3'6" x 6'6"8.08HDG
RSBB121Ringlock Bay Brace 4' x 6'6"8.27HDG
RSBB152Ringlock Bay Brace 5' x 6'6"8.71HDG
RSBB213Ringlock Bay Brace 7' x 6'6"9.8HDG
RSBB243Ringlock Bay Brace 8' x 6'7" 10.44HDG
RSBB305Ringlock Bay Brace 10'x 6'6"11.82HDG
RSACB07Ringlock Clamp Brace 7'10.01HDG
RSACB08Ringlock Clamp Brace 8'10.67HDG
RSACB10Ringlock Clamp Brace 10'11.99HDG
RSTL182Ringlock Truss Ledger 6' 12.38HDG
RSTL213Ringlock Truss Ledger 7'14.1HDG
RSTL243Ringlock Truss Ledger 8'16.35HDG
RSTL305Ringlock Truss Ledger 10' 20.38HDG
RSLG426Ringlock Lattic Grider 14'46.55HDG
RSLG517Ringlock Lattic Grider 17'55.59HDG
RSLG639Ringlock Lattic Grider 21'68.58HDG
RSLG852Ringlock Lattic Grider 28'90.61HDG
RSSS213Stair Stringer 7'16.2HDG
RSST32Stair Tread 32"8.100HDG
RSALBRinglock Ladder Bracket3.18HDG
RSAL03Ringlock Ladder 3'6HDG
RSAL05Ringlock Ladder 5'10HDG
RSAL10Ringlock Ladder 10'15.6HDG
SSP2SSP Plank 2' x 9"5HDG
SSP3SSP Plank 3' x 9"7HDG
SSP4SSP Plank 4' x 9"9HDG
SSP5SSP Plank 5' x 9"10.9HDG
SSP6SSP Plank 6' x 9"12.8HDG
SSP7SSP Plank 7' x 9"14.7HDG
SSP8SSP Plank 8' x 9"16.6HDG
SSP9SSP Plank 9' x 9"18.48HDG
SSP10SSP Plank 10' x 9"20.4HDG
SBP2Sand Blasting Plank 2' 6.37 kgsHDG
SBP3Sand Blasting Plank 3' 8.21 kgsHDG
SBP4Sand Blasting Plank 4'  10.25 kgsHDG
SBP5Sand Blasting Plank 5'  12.30 kgsHDG
SBP6Sand Blasting Plank 6'  14.35 kgsHDG
SBP7Sand Blasting Plank 7'  17.28 kgsHDG
SBP8Sand Blasting Plank 8'  18.86 kgsHDG
SBP10Sand Blasting Plank 10'  22.80 kgsHDG
ASP111Aluma Plank 1'11"5.57 kgsPre-HDG
ASP22Aluma Plank 2'2"5.92 kgsPre-HDG
ASP28Aluma Plank 2'8 5/8"6.99 kgsPre-HDG
ASP210Aluma Plank 2'10 5/8"7.29 kgsPre-HDG
ASP3Aluma Plank 3'7.49 kgsPre-HDG
ASP36Aluma Plank 3'6"8.39 kgsPre-HDG
ASP310Aluma Plank 3'10"8.89 kgsPre-HDG
ASP4Aluma Plank 4'9.30 kgsPre-HDG
ASP5Aluma Plank 5'11.12 kgsPre-HDG
ASP52Aluma Plank 5'2"11.39 kgsPre-HDG
ASP6Aluma Plank 6'12.93 kgsPre-HDG
ASP7Aluma Plank 7'14.72 kgsPre-HDG
ASP8Aluma Plank 8'16.55 kgsPre-HDG
ASP10Aluma Plank 10'20.11 kgsPre-HDG
LSP25Euro Type Plank 2'5"6.79 kgsHDG
LSP35Euro Type Plank 3'5"8.74 kgsHDG
LSP37Euro Type Plank 3'7"9.06 kgsHDG
LSP47Euro Type Plank 4'7"11.06 kgsHDG
LSP52Euro Type Plank 5'2"12.17 kgsHDG
LSP610Euro Type Plank 6'10"15.35 kgsHDG
LSP85Euro Type Plank 8'5"18.58 kgsHDG
LSP101Euro Type Plank 10'1"22.24 kgsHDG
SBJ24Screw Jack (Hollow)3.8EP
SBJ24CScrew Jack (Solid)4.5EP
SSWBJ24Swivel Jack7EP
RBCBase Collar 0.30M ( 11.8" )2.4HDG
RSLC12ADT12" Castor Adaptor4.19HDG
RSSB031Side Bracket 1'0" 1 BOARD1.8HDG
RSSB065Side Bracket 2'2" 2 BOARD6.4HDG
RSSB088Side Bracket 3'9" 3 BOARD8.36HDG
LLCLeg Lock3.8HDG
VCLCrazy Leg8HDG
RSRCLBRossetle Clamp 1.1HDG
CSCI Scaffold Case Insert43HDG
CSR Scaffold Storage Rack46HDG
TCSACSpigot Adapter Clamp1.57HDG

If you are looking for a scaffolding that is safe, stable and easy to use, our ringlock scaffold will be your best choice. Engineering Design, Customized Sizes & Competitive Price Save Your Cost & Time.

As all components are galvanized and built for increased safety, service life, and resistance to damage, they are perfect for all types of applications and industries.

The Ringlock system can accommodate up to eight connections of combined ledger and braces. Each of these connections can safely carry a load of 11.12kN (2500LBS).
However, the total sum of the ledger loads must not exceed the recommended leg load for the given bracing situation.

Due to our standards and ledgers are fully welded by machine, the products are clean, flat and seamless. In addition, Our welders are well trained by AWSD1.1 to standardize Butt Joint welding, Semi-Auto Fillet Welding and Auto Fillet Welding.

How to Erect Ringlock Scaffolding

  1. Put Adjustable Base Jack In Place According to Structure Requirement
  2. Adjust Base Jack to Same Horizontal  (Use Jack Nut)
  3. Assembly Ringlock Base Collars On Base Jacks
  4. Connect the Base Collars By Ringlock Ledgers
  5. Leveling the Base Collar Ledgers On the Same Horizontal (By Spirit Level)
  6. Erect 1st Layer of Ringlock Standard On the Base Collar
  7. Put All Ledgers on for 1st Layer of Ringlock Standards
  8. Adjust the Ledgers of 1st Layer Ringlock Standard to the Same Horizontal
  9. Fixing 1st Layer Ringlock Standards by Ringlock Diagonal and Horizontal Braces
  10. Put Ringlock Stairs and Planks On
  11. Erect 2nd Layher Standard and Fixing it By Ringlock Scaffold Ledgers and Braces
  12. Erect More Layers of Ringlock Uprights and Decks