Cuplock Scaffolding

cuplock scaffolding

Cuplcok Scaffolding is a type of scaffolding system that utilizes cups and locks to join beams, standards, and other components of the scaffold together. Considered as one of the most flexible types of scaffolds, cuplock scaffolding is used in many different business sectors and industries worldwide.

SGB is the original scaffold company that creates cuplock scaffolding. It was called cuplok. But cuplock scaffolding is a popular name.

The cuplock scaffolding system with node locking devices at every 500mm intervals. No need for any loose pins, wedges, or bolts. Very simple to erect and disassemble.

3.2mm thickness material in high yield and tensile strength, makes the cuplock scaffold much lighter but able to bear heavy weight in shoring and construction.

Cuplock Scaffold Picture

cuplock scaffold packing 1
cuplock scaffold packing 2
cuplock scaffold packing 3


Item #DescriptionUnit Weight/kgsSurface
CV33Vertical 1M / 3'3" 6HDG
CV411Vertical 1.5M / 4'11" 8.6HDG
CV66Vertical 2M / 6'6" 11.2HDG
CV82Vertical 2.5M / 8'2"13.8HDG
CV99Vertical 3M / 9'9" 16.4HDG
CH100Horizontal 3.05M /10'0"11,8HDG
CH90Horizontal 2.74M /9'0"10.8HDG
CH80Horizontal 2.44M /8'0"9.5HDG
CH70Horizontal 2.13M /7'0"8.3HDG
CH60Horizontal 1.83M /6'0"7.2HDG
CH50Horizontal 1.52M /5'0"6HDG
CH40Horizontal 1.22M /4'0"4.9HDG
CH36Horizontal 1.067M /3'6"4.3HDG
CH30Horizontal 0.91M /3'0"3.72HDG
CFB82Face Brace 8'2" x 6'6"10.57HDG
CFB80Face Brace 8'0" x 6'6"10.42HDG
CFB70Face Brace 70" x 6'6"9.78HDG
CFB50Face Brace 5'0" x 6'6"8.7HDG
CCB82Clamp Brace 8'2" x 6'6"11.2HDG
CCB80Clamp Brace 8'0" x 6'6"11.1HDG
CCB70Clamp Brace 7'0" x 6'6"10.5HDG
CCB50Clamp Brace 5'0" x 6'6"9.5HDG
CBB101 Board Bracket1.52HDG
CBB1102 Board Bracket5.5HDG
CBB273 Board Bracket7.22HDG
CLBWCuplock Ladder Bracket3.3HDG
CSLW3Lader 3'7.72HDG
CSLW5Lader 5'11.09HDG
CSLW10Lader 10'21.19HDG

How to Erect Cuplock Scaffolding

Place Cuplock Scaffold Base Plate At Required Positions
Put Cuplock Standards On Each Base Plate
Fix Cuplock Ledgers Between Cuplock Standards
Using Spirit Level Tools Measure Levelness of Cuplock Ledgers
Adjustable Base Jack Handle to Ensure 1st Layer of Cuplock Ledgers Horizontally At Same Level
Measure Squareness of the Cuplock Bays to Ensure the 1st Layer Cuplock Horizontals’ Levelness
Use Top Cups to Lock Cuplock Ledgers Blades
Put Cuplock Steel Planks On Cuplock Ledgers to Form A Scaffold Decks
Build Cuplock Tower By Erecting More Cuplock Standards at Vertical Direction and Fix Between Cuplock Standards By Ledger Parts
Put Cuplock Diagonal Braces and Horizontal Braces On To Ensure Cuplock Scaffold Tower Stabilizing and Safe.