Board Bracket

ringlock bracket

Board bracket is used to extend the working platform closer to the building structure in cases where the main scaffold cannot be erected directly next to the working face. There are two type : side bracket and console bracket

drawing for bracket
side bracket
Item Description Unit Weight Surface
RBB12 Side Bracket one board 0.31m 4.59 kgs HDG
RBB24 Side Bracket two board 0.65m 6.96 kgs HDG
RBB34 Side Bracket three board 0.88m 8.34 kgs HDG
Console Bracket
Item Description Unit Weight Surface
RSSB106 Console Bracket 3’6″ / 1.065m 12.32 kgs HDG
RBB109 Side Bracket two 3’7″ / 1.09m 12.47 kgs HDG
RBB115 Side Bracket three 3’10” / 1.15m 12.65 kgs HDG