Clamp Brace

Clamp brace for ringlock scaffolding

Clamp Brace  is used for the lateral bracing modular scaffolding. Clamp braces can also be used as obtuse angle mid-rail and top or hand guard rails in conjunction with stair system. Clamp braces give more versatility to attach the brace to anywhere on the vertical member of the scaffold.

Item #DescriptionUnit WeightSurface
RSBB106Ringlock Bay Brace 3'6" x 6'6"8.16HDG
RSBB121Ringlock Bay Brace 4' x 6'6"8.6HDG
RSBB152Ringlock Bay Brace 5' x 6'6"8.8HDG
RSBB213Ringlock Bay Brace 7' x 6'6"9.88HDG
RSBB243Ringlock Bay Brace 8' x 6'7" 10.61HDG
RSBB305Ringlock Bay Brace 10'x 6'6"12.03HDG
RSACB07Ringlock Clamp Brace 7'9.8HDG
RSACB08Ringlock Clamp Brace 8'11.02HDG
RSACB10Ringlock Clamp Brace 10'11.7HDG