China Scaffolding

ringlock scaffolding in stock

China scaffolding is widely used in China and other developed countries. It is in good quality and low price due to automatic welding . Due to bulk production we always have 1000 tons stock ready for shipment .

Ringlock Scaffold Components

vertical stock
horizontal stock
plank stock


Item  Description Material Unit Weight Surface
CRV020 Vertical 200mm Q345 , 48.3*3.25mm  1.72 kgs HDG
CRV035 Vertical 350mm Q345 , 48.3*3.25mm  2.92 kgs HDG
CRV050 Vertical 500mm Q345 , 48.3*3.25mm  3.45kgs HDG
CRV100 Vertical 1000mm Q345 , 48.3*3.25mm   5.81kgs HDG
CRV150 Vertical 1500mm Q345 , 48.3*3.25mm   8.19kgs HDG
CRV200 Vertical 2000mm Q345 , 48.3*3.25mm   10.60kgs HDG
CRV250 Vertical 2500mm Q345 , 48.3*3.25mm   13.01kgs HDG
CRV300 Vertical 3000mm Q345 , 48.3*3.25mm   15.32kgs HDG
CRH030 Horizontal 300mm Q235 , 48.3*2.75mm   1.42kgs HDG
CRH060 Horizontal 600mm Q235 , 48.3*2.75mm   2.36kgs HDG
CRH090 Horizontal 900mm Q235 , 48.3*2.75mm   3.29kgs HDG
CRH120 Horizontal 1200mm Q235 , 48.3*2.75mm   4.24kgs HDG
CRH150 Horizontal 1500mm Q235 , 48.3*2.75mm   5.22kgs HDG
CRH180 Horizontal 1800mm Q235 , 48.3*2.75mm   6.16kgs HDG
CBB060 Bay Brace 600mm x 1500mm Q195 , 42*2.75mm   5.43kgs HDG
CBB090 Bay Brace 900mm x 1500mm Q195 , 42*2.75mm   5.73kgs HDG
CBB120 Bay Brace 1200mm x 1500mm Q195 , 42*2.75mm   6.10kgs HDG
CBB150 Bay Brace 1500mm x 1500mm Q195 , 42*2.75mm   6.54kgs HDG
CBB180 Bay Brace 1800mm x 1500mm Q195 , 42*2.75mm   7.00kgs HDG
CBJ5 Base Jack 500mm   3.45kgs HDG
CUJ6 U head jack 600mm   4.95kgs HDG
SP12 Steel Plank 1.2m 6.20kgs Pre-galvanizing
SP15 Steel Plank 1.5m Column 3 Value 23 7.80kgs Pre-galvanizing
SP18 Steel Plank 1.8m Column 3 Value 24 8.80kgs Pre-galvanizing

If you are looking for a scaffolding that is safe, stable and easy to use, our ringlock scaffold will be your best choice. Engineering Design, Customized Sizes & Competitive Price Save Your Cost & Time.

As all components are galvanized and built for increased safety, service life, and resistance to damage, they are perfect for all types of applications and industries.

The Ringlock system can accommodate up to eight connections of combined ledger and braces. Each of these connections can safely carry a load of 11.12kN (2500LBS).
However, the total sum of the ledger loads must not exceed the recommended leg load for the given bracing situation.

Due to our standards and ledgers are fully welded by machine, the products are clean, flat and seamless. In addition, Our welders are well trained by AWSD1.1 to standardize Butt Joint welding, Semi-Auto Fillet Welding and Auto Fillet Welding.

How to Erect Ringlock Scaffolding

  1. Put Adjustable Base Jack In Place According to Structure Requirement
  2. Adjust Base Jack to Same Horizontal  (Use Jack Nut)
  3. Assembly Ringlock Base Collars On Base Jacks
  4. Connect the Base Collars By Ringlock Ledgers
  5. Leveling the Base Collar Ledgers On the Same Horizontal (By Spirit Level)
  6. Erect 1st Layer of Ringlock Standard On the Base Collar
  7. Put All Ledgers on for 1st Layer of Ringlock Standards
  8. Adjust the Ledgers of 1st Layer Ringlock Standard to the Same Horizontal
  9. Fixing 1st Layer Ringlock Standards by Ringlock Diagonal and Horizontal Braces
  10. Put Ringlock Stairs and Planks On
  11. Erect 2nd Layher Standard and Fixing it By Ringlock Scaffold Ledgers and Braces
  12. Erect More Layers of Ringlock Uprights and Decks