Ledger for ringlock scaffolding

The Ledger is the horizontal member of Ringlock scaffolding used as horizontal support for Ringlock Planks. Ledgers are also typically used as mid rail and top guard rails.

Ledger drawing for ringlock scaffolding
Item #DescriptionUnit WeightSurface
RSL063Ringlock Horizontal 2' 3HDG
RSL065Ringlock Horizontal 2'2" 3.2HDG
RSL091Ringlock Horizontal 3' 4HDG
RSL106Ringlock Horizontal 3'64.67HDG
RSL115Ringlock Horizontal 3'10"4.9HDG
RSL121Ringlock Horizontal 4' 5.3HDG
RSL152Ringlock Horizontal 5' 6.35HDG
RSL157Ringlock Horizontal 5'2" 6.5HDG
RSL182Ringlock Horizontal 6'7.4HDG
RSL213Ringlock Horizontal 7'8.5HDG
RSL243Ringlock Horizontal 8' 9.78HDG
RSL274Ringlock Horizontal 9' 11.6HDG
RSL305Ringlock Horizontal 10' 12.2HDG