standard for ringlock scaffolding

Standard is the vertical member of Ringlock scaffolding.  Connect with a removable spigot. The rosettes are welded at each increments of 50cm to provide vertical support when assemble horizontal Ledgers and Diagonal Braces.

standard drawing for ringlock scaffolding
Item #DescriptionUnit WeightSurface
RSS050Ringlock Vertical 1' 7" 3.44HDG
RSS100Ringlock Vertical 3' 3" 5.85HDG
RSS150Ringlock Vertical 4' 11"8.27HDG
RSS200Ringlock Vertical 6' 6" 10.68HDG
RSS250Ringlock Vertical 8' 2"13.3HDG
RSS300Ringlock Vertical 9' 10" 15.5HDG