Temporary Roofing

Temporary roofing

Temporary roofing is a sheeted structure designed to protect the area inside from the effects of weahter, dust,containment,etc.

The roofing system is an all aluminum modular temporary roofint. The roofing assembly compsed of 780 diamond beams,K frames,horizontal braces and roller braces covered by either shrinkwrap or keder sheets. The advantage of the diamond beam roofing system is having the option of using cross-braces instead of K frame or combined.

The temporary roofing can be supported by the existing building,scaffolding or any supports. However, the supporting structure must be always checked and designed by a competent engineer to ensure it can withstandard the generated loads.

Temporary roofing can be installed by hand-built installation method,roll-out method or crane-assisted method depending on what suits best for the site conditions.

Structure Framework

The most common methods of providing temporary roofing is by the use of modular roofing system manufactured from aluminum alloy.

They are available in various lengths to accommodate the span. The beams can be joined together using the spigot connections .


Temporary roof assembly

Temporary roof assembly

Components list

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Erection Method

Roof can be erected by a variety of methods which should be chosen considering the size o the roof trusses and all relevant site conditions.
*Hand-build installtion
*Roll-out installation
*Crane assisted installation