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Cuplock scaffolding

There are various kinds of scaffolding in market. However cuplock scaffold is just one of most popular one.

Special design

Cuplock scaffold has special advantages compare with other scaffolding.The joint has a reliable self locking capacity considering the screw friction and self gravity of the upper bowl. The loads acting on the horizontal pass to the vertical by the lower bowl buckle, and the lower bowl buckle has a strong shear ability (maximum 199KN). Even if the upper bowl not pressed tighly, the horizontal blade could not slip out and caused the accident.

Nowadays, cuplock scaffolding are very popular in where needs to bear heavy height.



Cuplock scaffold has securing nodes with two cups, which provides a fast, multifarious and streamlined system of commissioning projects . It can make its joints connected to each other tightly. This function attribute to its components : Standard / Vertical Cuplock Ledger / Horizontal , Cuplock Transom, Cuplock Omega Transom, Cuplock Intermediate Transom, Cuplock Inside Board Transom, Cuplock Return Transom, Ladder Access Transom, and so on. User can erect cuplock scaffold easily.


The key of the success of cuplock is its fastening method. It can be easily stored and maintained with no loose parts and with corrosion protection. What’s more, it’s hard to damage the cuplock scaffold . In many countries, like Dubai, USA ,Australia and so on, use cuplock scaffold widely . This type of structure is easy to erect and dismantle, does not leave any loose ends. It has high load bearing capacities and is best for access or formwork support.

With the use of cuplock Post Shore, the construction work that performe in high level and need high load bearing capacity becomes much more convenient and safe now. That is perhaps why it is so widely used in many countries in the world. Also, with the use of cuplock scaffolding, the rates of accidents decrease obviously, which is perfect to protect construction workers in construction work.

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