Scaffolding Risk

Scaffolding risk normally cause by following factors

1. Preparation

1.1 Start the scaffolding project without solve the problems .
A . The bugs and mistakes found in project approval stage.
B . Calculation mistake of project design
C . No sufficient safety measure
D . Unreasonable design of the vertical distance,distance between scaffolding and wall

1.2 the qualification and ability of the scaffolding plan staffing, checking and approving personnel can not meet the requirements.

1.3 No calculation was carried out after scaffold project confirmed. No calculation result which led to the wrong design of scaffolding support.

2. Worker

2.1 Scaffolding erect and dismantle person have no operation certificate or have expired operation certificate.

2.2 Scaffolding erect and dismantle person have no safety and technology training before start working.

2.3 Scaffolding erect and dismantle person don’t use safety belt or use expired safety belt.

2.4  Workers chasing and fighting on scaffolding, violating construction operation rules and construction site management system.

2.5  The high level worker in high job with hypertension , heart disease, acuity, and poor eyesight .

2.6 Workers in irritable, no concentrate attention. Workers who work for more than 18 hours .


1.13 scaffold steel pipe, coupler and mesh haven’t inspected. The scaffolding tube diameter and wall thickness is small and still used for erection of load-bearing scaffolds.

1.14 scaffold steel pipe deformation, crack, squash and rust; the fastener contains high carbon content, surface crack, deformation, corrosion.

15 scaffolding foundation can not meet the load requirements


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