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Scaffold Plank


Steel plank is designed to span the bay by hooking to the horizontal members of the bay providing a safe work platform. Ace specialized manufacture all kinds of plank according to clients' different requirement .

ITEM # Size   Unit Weight
9"/228mm width steel plank (HDG)    
SSP2 0.61m/2'  HDG 5KGS
SSP3 0.914m/3'  HDG 7KGS
SSP4 1.22m/4'   HDG 9KGS
SSP5 1.524m/5'   HDG 10.82 kgs
SSP6 1.829m/6'   HDG 12.75 kgs
SSP7 2.13m/7'   HDG 14.65 kgs
SSP8 2.44m/8'   HDG 16.57 kgs
SSP10 3.05m/10'   HDG 20.4KGS


ITEM # Size   Unit Weight
9"/228mm width shipyard plank (HDG)    
SBP2 0.61m/2'  HDG 6.37 kgs
SBP3 0.914m/3'  HDG 8.21 kgs
SBP4 1.22m/4'   HDG 10.25 kgs
SBP5 1.524m/5'   HDG 12.30 kgs
SBP6 1.829m/6'   HDG 14.35 kgs
SBP7 2.13m/7'   HDG 17.28 kgs
SBP8 2.44m/8'   HDG 18.86 kgs
SBP10 3.05m/10'   HDG 22.80 kgs


ITEM # Size   Unit Weight
240mm width steel plank (Pre-galvanized)    
ASP111 0.60m/1'11" HDG 5.57 kgs
ASP22 0.65m/2'2" HDG 5.92 kgs
ASP28 0.84m/2'8 5/8" HDG 6.99 kgs
ASP210 0.88m/2'10 5/8" HDG 7.29 kgs
ASP3 0.91m/3' HDG 7.49 kgs
ASP36 1.065m/3'6" HDG 8.39 kgs
ASP310 1.15m/3'10" HDG 8.89 kgs
ASP4 1.21m/4' HDG 9.30 kgs
ASP5 1.52m/5' HDG 11.12 kgs
ASP52 1.57m/5'2" HDG 11.39 kgs
ASP6 1.82m/6' HDG 12.93 kgs
ASP7 2.13m/7' HDG 14.72 kgs
ASP8 2.43m/8' HDG 16.55 kgs
ASP10 3.05m/10' HDG 20.11 kgs


ITEM # Size   Unit Weight
320mm width steel plank (HDG)    
LSP25 0.73m/2'5" HDG 6.79 kgs
LSP35 1.04m/3'5" HDG 8.74 kgs
LSP37 1.09m/3'7" HDG 9.06 kgs
LSP47 1.40m/4'7" HDG 11.06 kgs
LSP52 1.57m/5'2" HDG 12.17 kgs
LSP610 2.07m/6'10" HDG 15.35 kgs
LSP85 2.57m/8'5" HDG 18.58 kgs
LSP101 3.07m/10'1" HDG 22.24 kgs