Ringlock Scaffold erection

Ringlock scaffold is the most popular scaffolding system. The ringlock scaffold material are all made of low alloy structural steel. The main components both inside and outside in anti-corrosion process of hot dip galvanizing. Each rosette have 8 connection for horizontal and diagonal brace.

What is the precaution for Ringlock Scaffold erection ?

1, Once erection of high-rise scaffolding, all the materials used must meet the quality requirements.

2, The foundation of high-rise scaffold must be stable. Before installation, calculate to meet the load requirements . Erect scaffold according to standard.  And apply drainage measures as well.

3, Scaffolding erection technology requirements should comply with the relevant regulations.

4, Pay high attention to structural , scissors and pull points .

5, Horizontal seal: from the first step, fill scaffold plank every step or two step. Place the plank along the long direction, joint should be overlapped on the horizonal, prohibit the gaps. And between in the vertical and the wall , laying safety bottom fence every four steps long.

6, Vertical seal: place toe board,safety rail or guard net every step from second to fifth step . Besides guardrail, place additional guard nets above fifth step. . If near the street or in the densely populated area, place guardrail net or safety fence from second step.

7, Ringlock scaffold erection should 1.5 meter higher than building top or operation surface or more .

8, Don’t move any components. If necessary, get approval first and take effective measures . Recover immediately after the completion of the process.


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