ringlock scaffold erecting procedure

What is the procedure to erect ringlock scaffold ?

Step 1

Set the base jack on ground according to design size. Adjust the base jack nut to same level if ground is not in smooth .

Fit base collar on nut of the base jack .

ringlock scaffold erection

ringlock scaffold erection

Step 2

Connect base collar by bottom ringlock ledger. Connect the horizontal end to small hole in rosette .

Use the level ruler to check if all bottom horizontal on same level . If not, adjust the base jack until the horizontal on same level. The bottom horizontal should not be 550 mm higher above the ground.

Fit the vertical to base collar . Install other level horizontal  .

Step 3

Install diagonal brace at relevant position according to drawing. Connect the diagonal brace end to big hole in rosette.

Install the scaffold plank .

Step 4

Install staircase

Step 5

Extend scaffolding by repeat step 2,3,4 according to requirement.

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