ICF bracing requirement

March 19, 2018

ICF bracing requirement ICF bracing is a product design for use in insulting concrete form(ICF) wall forming applicatins. Requirement The ICF bracing system design for use within an excavation or at grade level to support ICF systems in winds up to 60 kph. Any other use is not recommended . The user is responsible to […]

Scaffolding Surface Treatment Scaffolding Surface Treatment There are several kinds of surface treatment for scaffolding. Such as 1.paint 2.powder coated 3.electric galvanizing 4.hot dip galvanizing. But the most two popular type are hot dip galvanizing an delectric galvanizing . Differences of hot dip galvanizing and Electric galvanizing So what’s the differences between them ? 1. […]

 China scaffolding supplier The scaffolding & formwork are required when you repair house or decoration or build new house. People always looking for safe tools to help their work . Scaffolding allow user work in higher area more safe and convenient. There are variety scaffolding in domestic as well as international markets . You can […]

Buying or renting scaffolding? Buying renting scaffolding? Many clients face this question when need scaffolding for project. In fact it is really hard to make the decision as there are are many factors . There is no absolute answer for this questions. Buying scaffolding if 1. Project life more than 3 month If you sure […]

QES scaffold for sale

March 7, 2018

QES Scaffold For Sale QES Scaffold – the most safe and widely used scaffold. When you have plan to buy scaffolding equipment, you need to consider many factor. 1.Safety It’s no doubt that safety is the most important when buy scaffolding equipment. The poor quality scaffold will cost your lift. Why QES scaffold is the […]

Ace Steel pop Steel prop also called post shore suit for any vertical support stucture. It is an ideal equipment for mines,tunnels,bridges and other projects . We will talk about the Ace steel prop specification and steel prop installation instruction in this topic. Ace steel prop specificaton We offer different serious prop meet client’s different loading […]

Maintenance of adjustable steel prop support system Adjustable steel prop support system features for its low cost and quick erection amoung the formwork support system. It is widely used in different projects. The adjustable steelp prop support system consist of prop,forkhead and prop tripod.The prop have two type, outer thread prop and inner thread prop. […]

China Screw jack China screw jack screw jack used in bulk quantity every year. Screw jack is important for tress transfer in building. It is stable and reliable in ascent adjustment of whole supported project. Ace offer variety screw jack in high quality and cheap price. The srew jack is widely used in road,subway ,bridges and tunnels,power […]

How to use prop Steel prop is the ideal support system for bridges , mine,tunnels,culverts ,bridges ,culverts and other construction projects. Advantages 1. stable 2. adjustable hight freely 3. can be used repeatly 4. simple structure,easy for usage Then how to use the prop ? 1. Adjust the nut to the lowest position with the […]

Formwork in China

February 28, 2018

Formwork Formwork in China The formwork means to the system used to reinforce and support in the concrete construction. In popular words called the support template. People use bamboo and wood system in the past. The formwork support develop more and more modernization & standardization due to more and more concrete projects. Of course, some […]