Hand built installation of temporary roofing Roof can be erected by a variety of methos which should be chosen considering the size of the roof trusses and all relvant site conditions. Following is hand buildt installation . Step 1 Build a temporary scaffold tower at midspan of the roof as working area starting form one […]

What is difference of wood bracing and metal bracing ? When conrete pour into ICF block , the wall will tilt due to gravity . It is very important to use ICF bracing to plumb the wall . And the bracing allow people work on required hight . ICF bracing install after the third course […]

ringlock scaffold erecting procedure What is the procedure to erect ringlock scaffold ? Step 1 Set the base jack on ground according to design size. Adjust the base jack nut to same level if ground is not in smooth . Fit base collar on nut of the base jack . Step 2 Connect base collar […]

Scaffolding Risk

April 6, 2018

Scaffolding Risk Scaffolding risk normally cause by following factors 1. Preparation 1.1 Start the scaffolding project without solve the problems . A . The bugs and mistakes found in project approval stage. B . Calculation mistake of project design C . No sufficient safety measure D . Unreasonable design of the vertical distance,distance between scaffolding […]

Ringlock Scaffold erection Ringlock scaffold is the most popular scaffolding system. The ringlock scaffold material are all made of low alloy structural steel. The main components both inside and outside in anti-corrosion process of hot dip galvanizing. Each rosette have 8 connection for horizontal and diagonal brace. What is the precaution for Ringlock Scaffold erection ? […]

Cuplock scaffold user guide Cuplock scaffold is one of the advanced scaffolding in the market, it is wedely used for its simple structure and easy operation. It can satisfy most of the construction requiememt. Cuplock scaffold user guide 1. The construction load on the operating floor shall conform to the design requirements . Don’t overload.Do […]

Scaffolding Tower

March 30, 2018

Scaffolding Tower Scaffolding tower has become an irreplaceable part of construction work. It plays an important role in the construction site. When it comes to the scaffolding tower, we must take into consideration more about its use. How to select it, how to rent it, how to erect it, how to dismantle it, how to […]

Frame Scaffolding

March 28, 2018

Frame scaffolding Frame scaffolding is widely used in construction area as a basic construction tool to provide basic insurance of the safety and convenience to construction workers. The frame scaffolding is mainly formed by the scaffold tubes and boards actually. The quality of scaffolding is of great importance . Since it is linked with the […]

Scaffolding erection

March 22, 2018

Something about scaffolding erection Scaffolding erection Recent year, the scaffolding are more and more popular in construction area. As we know, it serves as a temporary framework to provide a safe and convenient work environment for construction workers. Scaffolding can be found easily in the domestic and international markets. So it is not difficult for […]

Cuplock scaffolding

March 20, 2018

Talk about cuplock scaffold Cuplock scaffolding There are various kinds of scaffolding in market. However cuplock scaffold is just one of most popular one. Special design Cuplock scaffold has special advantages compare with other scaffolding.The joint has a reliable self locking capacity considering the screw friction and self gravity of the upper bowl. The loads […]