What is difference of wood bracing and metal bracing ?

When conrete pour into ICF block , the wall will tilt due to gravity . It is very important to use ICF bracing to plumb the wall . And the bracing allow people work on required hight .

ICF bracing install after the third course of blcok installed. Normally there are two type used .


The most common type of bracing/scaffolding system is wood. Like Zonta bracing .

Wood bracing is cheaper but not the best choice as wood itself is not always straight which can affect wall .



Metal bracing normally consists of 4 components.  For example, the ICF bracing from Ace Scaffold Include :

  1. Aluminium strongback
  2. turnbuckles
  3. platform
  4. guardrail

Compare with wood bracing , metal bracing is expensive but have long life expectancy sinnce they ca used over and over again . In addition , metal bracing is easy to use and installed much quickly .

metal icf bracing

metal icf bracing

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