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Kwikstage Scaffold


Kwikstage Scaffolding is a modular system scaffold with wedge fixing for all access Scaffold requirements. The wedge fixing of the ledgers and transoms gives a simple and fast means of erecting access scaffolding without loose parts.
Rigid 4 way Fixing giving a positive location without movement. Spigot and Wedge fitting on the Standard to give guaranteed Vertical alignment. Available in painted/powder Coated Finish for maintenance free use.

  Item Code Description Weight (kg)
  QV33 Vertical 1M (3'3") 6.22
QV411 Vertical 1.5M (4'11") 9.03
QV66 Vertical 2M (6'6") 11.84
QV82 Vertical 2.5M (8'2") 14.65
QV99 Vertical 3M (9'9") 17.45
  Item Code Description Weight (kg)
  QH1.2 Horizontal 1.2M (4'2") 5.68
QH1.8 Horizontal 1.8M (6'0") 7.73
QH2.4 Horizontal 2.4M (8'0") 9.97
  Item Code Description Weight (kg)
  QLT1.2 Transom 1.2M (4'2") 10.16
QLT1.8 Transom 1.8M (6'0") 14.45
QLT2.4 Transom 2.4M (8'0") 19.13
  Item Code Description Weight (kg)
  QSP42 Steel Plank 1.2M (4'2") 8.27
QSP6 Steel Plank  1.8M (6'0") 11.49
QSP8 Steel Plank  2.4M (8'0") 15.00
  Item Code Description Weight (kg)
  QBVD2.4 Face Brace 3.475M (11'-1/2") 14.31
QBVD1.8 Face Brace 2.696M (9'0") 11.47
QBVD1.2 Face Brace 1.955M (6'-1/2") 8.77
  Item Code Description Weight (kg)
  QBB1 Board Bracket (1 Board) 2.46
QBB2 Board Bracket (2 Board) 6.43
QBB3 Board Bracket (3 Board) 10