Hand built installation of temporary roofing

Roof can be erected by a variety of methos which should be chosen considering the size of the roof trusses and all relvant site conditions. Following is hand buildt installation .

Step 1

Build a temporary scaffold tower at midspan of the roof as working area starting form one gable end to the other.

Step 2

Assemble the ridge beam ( track included ) at exact height and connect to diamond beams ( track included) using the spigot with 6 safety pins to complete a first truss. Temporarily support the truss with short vertical tubes with right angle clamps.

Step 3

Install the eave beam( track included) at the ends of the roof truss.

Step 4

Secure the first truss to the existin perimeter scaffold support as per design produced by a scaffold Engineer.

Step 5

Repeat ste 2 ,3 & 4 to assemble next truss on the next by location.

Step 6

Attach the correct size of K frame at the eaves and fix the next K frame upslop to ridge beam at 2m interval.

Step 7

Install the horizontal braces in between of the K frames at toop chord to create a 1m lateral bracing for compression chord.

Step 8

Install the roller braces located at the ride beam and roof eaves inserted to the pocket provided.

Step 9

Install the diagonal braces at 1m inerval in Zigzag arrangement starting from ridge down to eaves.

Step 10

At this stage the first braces by roof completed.

Step 11

Repeat steps 2,3 & 4 to assemble infill bay. Four ( 4) infill bays to install then repeat the braced bay installation .

Step 12

Once the truss already assembled, install the correct size of horizontal braces at the eaves and fix the next horizontal brace upslope to ridge beam spaced at 1m interval for the top chord and 2m interval at bootom chord.

Step 13

Install the rollder braces located at the ridge beam and roof eaves.

Step 14

Repeat step 10,11 & 12 to complete the four ( 4) infill bays.

Step 15

Once the four (4) infill bays completed repeat the steps to install the braced bay.

Step 16

Continue to install infill bays and braced bays until the required length of roof completed.

Step 17

Once the roof structure complted . Pull the keder sheet over the track and secure to the scaffold. Refer to sheet installtion. The sheet can be installed sequentially once at very bay.

Step 18

Once the roof completely covered, dismantle the temporary scaffold tower .

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