Frame scaffolding

Frame scaffolding is widely used in construction area as a basic construction tool to provide basic insurance of the safety and convenience to construction workers. The frame scaffolding is mainly formed by the scaffold tubes and boards actually. The quality of scaffolding is of great importance . Since it is linked with the safety of construction workers and also the profits and reputation of construction company.

frame scaffolding

frame scaffolding

There are various kinds of scaffolding frames in markets. First, they are different in materials. For example, different countries use different kinds of materials in different times. The most common scaffolding frame materials are bamboo, wooden beam, steel, aluminum, alloy and so on. And nowadays, the most popular materials should be steel and aluminum since they are more durable, flexible and safe.

Second, they are different in sizes. Considering that construction work is different in its scale and duration. There is no doubt that you need different kinds of scaffolding sizes. The sizes can be classified into the large size, midium size and the small size actually. You can choose different sizes of frame scaffolding according to your construction requirements.

What’s more, scaffolding is also various in its weight since it uses different kinds of materials, like steel, aluminum, bamboo, wooden beams and so on. The weight of frame scaffolding can decide its capacity and stability to some degree. Frankly speaking, the bamboo is more lighter than the materials like steel and aluminum.
So, what should you do when selecting or renting scaffolding frames, you’d better take consideration of the basics above and make a better decision.


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