Cuplock scaffold user guide

Cuplock scaffold is one of the advanced scaffolding in the market, it is wedely used for its simple structure and easy operation. It can satisfy most of the construction requiememt.

Cuplock scaffold user guide

1. The construction load on the operating floor shall conform to the design requirements . Don’t overload.Do not place material on the scaffold such as concrete and reinforcing bars.

2. Don’t fix the concrete conveying pipe, wind rope and other cable to the scaffold.

3. Don’t stack large templates directly on scaffolds.

4. Stop the erection and dismantling work in case of wind, rain, snow and fog.

5. During the use of cuplock scaffolding, it is strictly forbidden to remove any structural member of the scaffolding without authorization. If necessary, get the approval from technical supervisor for approval, and process suitable remedial measures.

6. Don’t excavate the base near the scaffolding areas.

7. Keep the scaffolding from the overhead transmission line in safe distance.  For the temporary power line , erect grounding lightning protection measures .

8. After project finished, clean the surface of all cuplock scaffolding components . Removed surface dirty and correct the deformation of the cuplock scaffold vertical and cuplock scaffold horizontal . And process anti-rust treatment on surface.


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