Buying or renting scaffolding?

Buying renting scaffolding? Many clients face this question when need scaffolding for project. In fact it is really hard to make the decision as there are are many factors . There is no absolute answer for this questions.

Buying renting scaffolding

Buying renting scaffolding

Buying scaffolding if

1. Project life more than 3 month
If you sure need scaffolding less than 3 month, rent scaffolding wis right choice. If not, the renting charge many add up frequently and the final cost may more than purchasing scaffolding. However if your project is less than 3 month but you still need scaffolding for next project , just buy scaffolding as well .

2. Small project
Big project means complex storage and high maintaince. You can save energy and time by renting scaffolding.

3. Scaffolding height less than 6 meter

4.Simple project

5. You have skilled person to erect and dismantle scaffolding
Scaffolding safety is quite important.If you have no experience , you’d better ask help from professional renting company.

Wish you have no confusion now. Looking forward to contact us if decide buying scaffolding.

Author:Ace Scaffold

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