China Screw jack

China screw jack

screw jack used in bulk quantity every year.

china screw jack

china screw jack

Screw jack is important for tress transfer in building. It is stable and reliable in ascent adjustment of whole supported project. Ace offer variety screw jack in high quality and cheap price.

The srew jack is widely used in road,subway ,bridges and tunnels,power stations and other projects as a type of base equipment. There are huge requirement every year domestic and all over the world.

Ace is famous scaffolding manufacturer and supplier in China. We use high quality material and manufacture strictly according to national standard. And our advance manufacture process also guarantee the high quality. The screw jsck is safety and durable for any support requirement.

Our screw jack can be repeat use for long life and still with it’s flexibility.It do reduce construction labor and increase work efficiency.

If you need buy screw jack from China, we will your correct choice.


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