How to use prop

Steel prop is the ideal support system for bridges , mine,tunnels,culverts ,bridges ,culverts and other construction projects.

1. stable
2. adjustable hight freely
3. can be used repeatly
4. simple structure,easy for usage

Then how to use the prop ?

1. Adjust the nut to the lowest position with the handle.
2. Put the inner tube into the outer tube in required hieght .
3. Insert the G pin into the hole above the nut.
4. Transport the adjustable steel prop to its working position.
5. Use handle to rotate the nut to adjust to suitable height


steel prop

steel prop

It is some important point that be pay attention during working.
1. The ground that the propbe placed should be strong and flat .
2. The prop shoudl be erect vertically
3. It is neccessary to use lock the prop if the ajust height more than 3.5 meter.


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